The desire of reason

This is a campaign for a party of 2-6 players around level 3-5 (though there will be a lot of leveling!).
The story is divided into chapters, while each chapter should represent approximately one gaming session. You can think of the chapters as the episodes of a television series. Some of them are plot driven, (some could be character development), and some barely have anything to do with the main plot and are just for fun :)
This campaign will take place in a relatively big world and is quite decentralized. So I will describe the world more or less as I go along (sorry).

The party meets up (or is already together) in a village called Pos. At the local inn am man named Gilbert Stranton makes contakt with them. He needs to get across the Autorian border and he needs to do it fast. He offers the players a handsome price if they bring him to the capital of Deostis. Even before the negociations are complete the village is attacked by Krights. The players make a daring escape but as they make their way towards Deostis capital, they get wrapped up in a conflict that could well threaten the entire world …and is well beyond a petty dispute between two countrys.

The Desire of Reason